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Farm View

Practical Education

Integrative Apprenticeships

Our goal is to team with organizations with shared values and to develop independent, cooperatively organized, profit making entities where program participants can find apprenticeships.
Over time, as the cooperative enterprises take shape. apprenticeships can translate into employment, and again over time employment can translate into membership and an ownership stake. Initial apprenticeships and cooperatives will be in the supply chain of the growing local food movement from seed to table.
Additional enterprises and apprenticeships will focus on areas such as sustainable nutrition, eco-therapy, ecological design, green building, and alternative health and healing.



The Legacy Mentoring approach brings together three ways of supporting personal growth, mentoring, coaching and, spiritual direction/friendship.

The Legacy Mentoring approach integrates the latest theories of learning and performance psychology with an understanding that our ability to be effective in the world and to produce outstanding results is limited by the degree to which our potential is diminished by our resistance and self-interference.

Research clearly shows that deep practice—learning progressively in stages--is critical for achieving goals and sustaining high levels of performance over time.

Integral Perspectives

We must find a new foundation for a global identity that is deeply rooted in a web of connection which can no longer be limited by our physical location. It seems vital for us to develop the capacities for meaningful lives and skillful relationships spoken of by the great saints and sages of every tradition. 

We must focus on how we relate to the world, and on our inner experience of our self.  Taking up the notion that what we do flows from who we think we are, we are called to explore the various ways that we might experience our self on the evolutionary journey to our deepest purpose. 


In the West we are told to “Know Thyself.”   In the East we are asked “What was your face before your mother was born.” The question of our true identity is central to all of the world’s wisdom traditions, ancient and modern.

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