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Flagship Initiatives

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The Inn at

Shaker Mill Falls

The Inn at Shaker Mill Falls is an initiative of CREEED that is an 18 room inn and retreat center operated out of a historic, repurposed gristmill built by the local Shaker Mt. Lebanon community in 1824. In addition to general hospitality, we offer customized group accommodations, program and event space, and food service based around our own organic vegetable gardens.

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Integrative Permaculture is an initiative of CREEED that seeks to (1) apply action-oriented know-how to meet real human needs in disciplines essential for a thriving planet and healthy people; (2) to work in harmony with nature to foster high levels of bio-diversity, healthy soil and nutrient-dense food; and (3) to nurture locally based cooperative enterprises in related segments of the food supply chain in ways that optimize reGenerative impact and long-term viability.

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